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Why Hong Kong???

Hong Kong is the world’s freest economy for the 25th consecutive year under the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom (26-01-2019)   Details

The Fraser Institute once again ranked Hong Kong as the freest economy in the world in the Economic Freedom of the World 2018 Annual Report. Among the five areas of assessment, Hong Kong was ranked top in "Freedom to Trade Internationally" and "Regulation" (26-09-2018)   Details

Hong Kong has been rated the world's sixth most competitive economy by the World Economic Forum in this annual ranking just released. (27-09-2017)   Details

IMD ranks Hong Kong first, Switzerland second and the USA third, with Singapore and Sweden completing the top 5 regarding the World Competitiveness Index 2016. (30-05-2016)   Details

The Heritage Foundation's ranks Hong Kong as the world's freest economy for the 21st consecutive year. (02-02-2016)   Details

According to the World Bank, Hong Kong ranked the fifth place regarding the ease of doing business index. (28-10-2015)   Details

Hong Kong occupies the top position for the 2013 Economic Freedom of the World Index published by the Fraser Institute. (21-9-2013)   Details

Hong Kong’s economic freedom score of 89.3 keeps it atop the Index rankings for the 19th consecutive year. (11-1-2013)   Details

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13, Hong Kong was awarded the 9th place, overtaking Japan, the 10th position. (6-9-2012)   Details

According to a World Economic Forum report, Hong Kong is the world's most developed financial market, overtaking the US and the UK for the first time on record. (13-12-2011)

According to CMA Vision, Hong Kong ranked the sixth place as the least credit risk country in the third quarter of 2011. Details

Hong Kong’s economic freedom score is 89.7, making its economy the freest in the 2011 Index. (January 2011) Details

Hong Kong scored 8.4 (the 13th place) amongst 178 countries according to the corruption perceptions index 2010 issued by the Transparency International. (October 2010) Details

According to the 2010 World Investment Report by the United Nations, Hong Kong was ranked the 4th place to attract the Foreign Direct Investment in 2009. (22 July 2010) Details

Hong Kong was ranked the 5th place by the World Economic Forum according to the Financial Development Report 2009. (October 2009) Details

Hong Kong was named the world's freest economy by The Heritage Foundation in 2009. (January 2009)   Details

According to the World Investment Report 2007 published by the United Nations, FDI inflows to Hong Kong increased to 43 billion US dollars in 2006 from 34 billion dollars in 2005, indicating a 28% increase. In FDI ranking, Hong Kong ranks at 7th position. (16 October 2007)   Details

Of the 85 countries, Hong Kong recaptures Top Spot in Milken Institute Capital Access index - Milken Institute (20 February 2007)

Hong Kong, your first choice for realising your business potential. (pdf) Hong Kong Government (January 2007)

The Heritage Foundation has named Hong Kong the world's freest economy for the 13 consecutive year. (16 January 2007) (Details)

"The experience of Hong Kong since its return to the motherland demonstrates that the "One Country, Two Systems" formula has not only enabled it to retain its former systems and characteristics in its continues role as an international trade, financial and shipping centre; but also helped it to acquire greater support and broader scope for development through its ties with the mainland", Premier Zhu Rongji said during his visit to Hong Kong to attend the World Congress of Accountants on 21 November 2002.

"Europeans impressed with maturity of Hong Kong people", the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Frederick Ma, said on his return to Hong Kong after a week-long promotion in three European cities. (19 July 2003) ( Details)

"There are great opportunities in Hong Kong after the China's WTO entry." Ivan Wong, a local certified public accountant

In summary, here you are what Hong Kong offers:
  • Simple tax system
  • Low tax rates
  • Politically stable
  • A free money market
  • Knowledge of doing business in China
  • Unrestricted company funding and structuring

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